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01/29/2015 What's next in the connected home? SmartThings.
01/28/2015 Google's Nest is getting crowded
01/27/2015 Microsoft wants you to love the next Windows
01/26/2015 Seagate puts elegance in an external drive. Seagate Seven
01/23/2015 Making existing smoke/CO2 alarms connected
01/22/2015 Deezer buys Cricket's Muve Music from AT&T. More to come
01/21/2015 App to send voice and text at once: UbiSpeak
01/20/2015 Making it safer on the road for cyclists: Volvo
01/19/2015 Wearable tech: Intel wants inside
01/16/2015 Connecting every light bulb? Latest from Belkin's WeMo.
01/15/2015 Streaming live TV service coming from Dish Network
01/14/2015 A world of wearable tech: Withings Activite' Pop
01/13/2015 Lyve apps and drives for organizing photos & videos
01/12/2015 Sony's camera tech coming to cars
01/09/2015 Treating that iPhone to a handmade leather case. Shinola.
01/08/2015 Wahoo Fitness TICKRX heart rate monitor has memory so phones stay safe
01/07/2015 More choices in cameras to monitor your home. SpotCam.
01/06/2015 An app that can really open doors. KeyMe.
01/05/2015 Some new tech for making music. BeatBuddy.
01/02/2015 A connected home in the new year
01/01/2015 An app to log your life: Memoir