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01/16/2017 The big winner at CES 2017: Amazon's Alexa
01/13/2017 Ooma breaking into home security & monitoring
01/12/2017 Timo Labs aims for quality sound & affordability in speaker line
01/11/2017 Bringing better sound to VR
01/10/2017 Volvo partners with Microsoft for in vehicle Skype
01/09/2017 Raycop's high tech sanitizer for bedding and more
01/06/2017 Alexa on your wrist? Martian Watches.
01/05/2017 Tech for your heart: AliveCor's Kardia Mobile
01/04/2017 Ready to run in the new year: Kinematix Tune
01/03/2017 Lensbaby enables more camera creativity
01/02/2017 Top tech trends for 2017