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12/18/2014 UniKey announces Android 5.0 app for Kevo: VP Dirk Wyckoff
12/18/2014 NuGuard KX protection coming for iPhone 6 & 6+: OWC President Jen Soule
12/18/2014 Nifty's coming XOO belt has built in battery to charge phones: CEO Piers Ridyard
12/18/2014 Kano kit lets kids (and adults) build their own computer: Co-founder Alex Klein
12/17/2014 Nanotech Entertainment focused on bringing content to 4K TVs: EVP Aaron Taylor
12/17/2014 Ancestry DNA helps trace roots: Genealogist Crista Cowen
12/17/2014 A high tech pillow to help you sleep. Dreampad.
12/16/2014 T-Mobile unveils Data Stash. The strategy? SVP Andrew Sherrard
12/16/2014 Love that vinyl music? ION's Max LP turntable features speakers & more
12/15/2014 Money no object? Waterfall Audio's glass speakers.
12/15/2014 Snagajob apps help students home on break & more
12/15/2014 Ex-NASA engineer creates digitally animated ugly Xmas sweaters
12/12/2014 Gibi GPS wearable tracker for pets and more: Founder & CEO Synette Tom
12/12/2014 What's cool about upcoming 360Fly camera? Marketing Mgr. Sean Scabilloni
12/11/2014 How do you measure up in the kitchen? Drop to the rescue: CEO Ben Harris.
12/11/2014 Running a small business? Free help from Creditera: CEO Levi King
12/09/2014 Browsing Hammacher Schlemmer augmented reality catalog: Dir. of Merch. Stephen Farrell
12/09/2014 reaching millions with Hour of Code education: Co-founder Hadi Partovi
12/09/2014 Sennheiser blends style with sound in new Urbanite headphones
12/08/2014 Tasty kitchen tech: Perfect Bake from Pure Imagination. Partner Darin Barri.
12/08/2014 Adorn that new iPhone with Shinola leather: Co-design director John Truex.
12/08/2014 Wahoo Fitness TICKRX heart rate monitor has memory so phones stay safe
12/05/2014 Full featured SpotCam includes 24 hr. cloud storage: CEO Jacky Lin
12/04/2014 Locksmith for the digital age: KeyMe CEO Greg Marsh
12/04/2014 AwoX expands line of connected speaker light bulbs: CEO Alain Molinie
12/04/2014 Bitdefender BOX arrives for whole network security
12/03/2014 BeatBuddy adds drums without a drummer: Singular Sound CEO David Packouz
12/03/2014 Find & Save app locates deals, offers cash back: CEO Ben Smith
12/03/2014 Memoir app logs your life with photos & more: CEO Lee Hoffman
12/02/2014 Details of Sprint's cut your bill in half offer: CMO Jeff Hallock
12/01/2014 Who is Pocket Man? SCOTTeVEST founder & CEO Scott Jordan.