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PNY ThinkSafe Laptop Security Package Giveaway

PNY ThinkSafe™ Laptop Security Package

Enter here to win 1 one of 25 ThinkSafe™ Laptop Security Packages from PNY & the Techstination Report! This package includes a Portable Laptop Locking System and a Portable Laptop Security Clamp, valued at $69.98

The PNY ThinkSafe™ Portable Laptop Locking System safely secures your Laptop, Ultrabook™, or MacBook via your device's hinge or built-in slot. The patented hinge-locking and patent-pending slot-locking designs utilize Hinge-Link™ & Slot-Link™ technology, providing a secure and universal fit. Plus, the factory installed 4-digit combination code grants the ultimate in security.

The PNY ThinkSafe™ Portable Security Clamp provides a secure anchor point for your Laptop, Ultrabook™, or MacBook. Designed to work with PNY ThinkSafe Portable Locking Systems for Laptops or MacBooks (sold separately), the ThinkSafe Portable Security Clamp adjusts to fasten tightly to a table, desk, or other solid surface - keeping your device safely secured.

Visit PNY ThinkSafe™ Locks for more information.

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