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Sony Pushes Simple DVD Burning

Techstination feature for Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Sony unwraps new tools for creating your own DVDs. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Sony has become the fasts growing computer company in the world... according to the latest statistics from Gartner Dataquest. The focus of its Vaio line of desktops and notebooks has been on the convergence of computing and home entertainment. The company's holiday line up will include DVD RW drives... .in four desktop models... .and two notebooks as well. And Sony's Matt Madden says a new software package will simplify the process of making DVDs...

"Well Click 2 DVD is very cool because it allows you to literally with one click create a DVD from your camcorder... not only your camcorder... and/or from an analog source... whether you have old 8 millimeter analog tapes or VHS tapes of old family footage... you can then put that onto a DVD and be able to share that content."

The software isn't designed for doing a lot of editing or special effects... .but Madden points out what a lot of consumers want more than anything else is simplicity... .

"You click on create DVD and then that's it. It takes care of everything else for you. And this is a very simple way for anyone who wants to be able to learn how to do this and thought it may be difficult... you have to use multiple programs... here is one program with literally one click... that I can take all the content from my camcorder and put it directly onto a DVD."

There have been hopes in the industry that DVD burning will light a much needed fire under PC sales...

"We feel that DVD burning is really the next step. That a lot of people have been looking for some way to take their media to be able to share with friends and family instead of sending out camcorder tapes... this is an easy way because a lot of people now have DVD players in their home."

And Sony plans to have the technology available in PCs for under a thousand dollars. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.