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Editing Word Documents on a Palm

Techstination feature for Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Editing Word documents on a Palm. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. The most popular PDAs are still the ones that use the Palm operating system... .even though Microsoft continues to push its PocketPC platform. For Palm users, the best application that provides access to Word files and more is called Documents To Go from DataViz. The software ships with many Palm devices, with DataViz hoping to sell users upgrades over time. The company's Kristen Garvey... says version 5 of the software adds new capabilities...

"The latest version lets people do more especially with the word processing side of things. You're able to see embedded graphics that you may have in your desktop document on your handheld. We also have added support for things like fonts so the documents are more similar to the documents on your desktop, you have more of the formatting on the handheld. We also have added editing of the PowerPoint presentation on the handheld."

The company is launching a special version of Documents To Go for owners of the new low priced Palm Zire handhelds that will work with its smaller memory capacity. DataViz has expanded its product line as well... with a new database program for Palm devices called SmartList to Go...

"So whether it be you need a high end Access database or maybe just need a new shopping list, we have all sorts of great customer stories for how people are using the product just to get more done."

SmartList sells for about fifty dollars. Lots of Palm users with simple needs will find the memo pad application that comes with the device good enough.