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AMD's XP 3000+ Processor

Techstination feature for Monday, February 10, 2003

AMD claims the PC processor performance crown. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. AMD says its new XP processor 3000+ outperforms the fastest desktop processors from rival Intel...

"This new processor is the world's highest performance PC processor and it outpaces the best the competition can offer by up to 17 percent."

AMD's Athlon brand manager Mark Bode. Intel's latest Pentium 4 runs at 3 GHz. The new AMD chip clocks in at 2.1 GHz. But what AMD has done has add 640KB of on chip cache memory. So, says Bode...

"If you look at the overall performance score of an Athlon XP processor relative to the competition, and specifically if you look at the Athlon XP processor 3000+ relative to the best that our competition can provide, we outperform that by up to 17 percent on a broad range of applications. Including office productivity, content creation, as well as 3D gaming."

It's the same argument AMD has been making for some time. Processor performance is not just about clock speed...

"What the user will notice is that their applications run faster, they'll get a better overall experience and especially if they look at it relative to competitive solutions I think they'll have a noticeable difference in the way their applications respond and what they get out of the system they purchased."

The argument will go on. Intel is trying to sell consumers on its 3 GHz processors which include what the company calls Hyper-threading technology. It is designed to improve performance when you're running more than one application at a time. The challenge is to get customers to buy those more expensive PCs. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.