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Price Breaks for Video Game Players

Techstination feature for Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Good news for video game players. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Those popular video game consoles, the Playstation 2, the Xbox and the Game Cube... are likely to become even less expensive by the time the summer rolls around. The competition between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo has been intense. And while Nintendo's Beth Llewelyn tells us the company does not have plans to lower the price of the 150 dollar Game Cube... they are tossing in a free game with a purchase...

"So for the price of a Game Cube you also get a free game. And it could be Metroid Prime, Resident Evil... actually some of our top selling games. So we think things like this plus some new pricing for some software is really going to reinvigorate that console market."

That's the big news... prices of games, where the real money is made, are starting to fall. Microsoft says it will sell more than a dozen titles for the Xbox for twenty dollars. And Nintendo's Llewelyn says top selling titles from the previous year are being discounted to 29 dollars. New releases, like the upcoming Zelda title for the Game Cube will still be initially priced at 49 dollars...

"So we do have that kind of variety out there for gamers, who depending on what they want to play, what their wallet dictates, will have choices."

Sony introduced similar greatest hits type of pricing last year. Nintendo hopes to see a big sales boost on the handheld side as well with the upcoming release in the U.S. of the Gameboy Advance SE... designed to appeal to an older audience. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.