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Locking Up Your PC

Techstination feature for Monday, April 7, 2003

Locking up your PC. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Business people traveling with laptops may be carrying around all kinds of sensitive data that could be accessed if it is stolen. That's the primary market for a device called SecuriKey from Griffin Technologies...

"What it does is use a two part system of both a physical security key, which is a small little USB device that actually fits on your key chain. And then an informational part, a password or a PIN number. You have to have both of those to have access to the system."

Company president Bennett Griffin. The personal edition of SecuriKey, which sells for under 150 dollars includes two USB keys and software. Remove the key from the USB port and the computer is off limits until you put it back in and type in a password. Another potential market for the device... parents who want to control computer use by their children. It can also be configured to only lock out certain files. It can also be configured to only lock out certain files...

"So for example, in a home setting the parents could set up the computer to allow access to games or Microsoft Word or a variety of other things, but they could lock up other areas that are more important to them. For example, they could lock up their Quicken data and that way the kids not accidentally going to erase the checkbook, the babysitter's not going to get in there and find out what's in my financial history. And any other information that you'd like to have a little more control over can be protected in the same way."

The device and software work only with Windows XP or Windows 2000. You can find more information at Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.