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MSN Warms Up to Mac Users

Techstination feature for Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Microsoft wants a bite of AOL's Apple business. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Microsoft, which has been trying to lure Windows users to its MSN online service from AOL... is planning to after Mac users as well. MSN for OSX in the works... according to lead product manager Mary Starman...

"The things that are unique about MSN for Mac are first off... any Mac user typically gets a little bit frustrated when they go to use a product and it looks too much like a PC product. So we've actually spent a lot of time working on the interface of the product so it looks and feels and behaves like a true Mac application. So for a lot of Macintosh users, that makes it a very easy program to learn."

MSN is trying to make its Mac product very un-Windows like. But it still could face an uphill battle among Mac users where there is a good deal of anti-Microsoft sentiment... even though Starman says...

"We actually spend a lot of time doing research with potential customers. So people who are Mac users who maybe don't use MSN right now. And we spend a lot of time understanding what could make a better experience for them. So we actually feel with all the research and testing that's gone into this we have a solution that's going to be very appealing to Mac users."

AOL remains the world's leading online service... but it, MSN and other services have been struggling as more computer users migrate to high speed cable or DSL Internet connections.