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eMachines Goes Widescreen With Notebook

Techstination feature for Friday, June 6, 2003

A widescreen notebook at a pretty thin price. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. EMachines is best known for its bargain priced desktop PCs that start at under four hundred dollars. Now the company is trying to make a splash in the more rapidly growing notebook computer business... with the M5305. Technology VP Gary Elsasser...

"The opportunity that we've brought today to the marketplace is entering into the widescreen market. Just like you go into a consumer electronics store today, you'll see widescreen TVs. And so we think also for notebook computers that having a widescreen notebook is the next future. Offering things like DVD playback on a full screen, so you can use all the real estate and enjoy the movie on a flight. Also, since the machine is actually a little bit wider than normal, but less depth than a usual screen, you can fit it very well on an airplane."

Besides the 15.4 inch screen... the notebook includes a Mobile AMD Athlon XP-M processor 2200+, a 40 gigabyte hard drive, 512 megabytes of memory and a combination DVD/CDRW drive. The price, under 12 hundred 50 dollars. Two things missing... built in wireless networking and a firewire port for connecting to digital camcorders. About the potential for offering a notebook with Intel's Centrino processor ... which extends battery life... Elsasser says...

"I think eMachines will certainly offer Centrino processors in the future. Right now, an Athlon XP processor made the most sense."

Emachines faces plenty of competition in the widescreen notebook business from the likes of Apple, Dell and HP. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.