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Latest Slim Exilim From Casio

Techstination feature for Tuesday, June 10, 2003

A credit card sized camera with a zoom lens. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Casio continues to innovate with its Exilim line of digital cameras. The latest models up the resolution of the shirt pocket sized cameras to three megapixels... good enough for impressive enlargements along with everyday photos. Product manager Scott Nelson...

"The two cameras, the S series and the Z series target two different markets. The S series is the point and shoot. There are a ton of point and shoot cameras that are bought and used and it's always with you. Since it's the size of a credit card and less than a half inch thick you can have it in your pocket all the time, on your belt. It's just a little over three ounces with the battery. And then there's other people that want... they need the zoom, they want the other features that come with it and that's why we have the Z series. The Exilim Z3, the EX Z3."

That is still about the size of a credit card, but just under an inch thick. The price... about four hundred dollars. Casio faces lots of competition from the likes of Sony, Olympus, Canon and Minolta. Casio is hoping to capture the interest of consumers later this year with another innovation... a portable TV screen... that communicates through a wireless network to a base station attached to a cable or satellite box or DVD player...

"You walk around anywhere in the house or out in the yard and you can watch TV... which we think will do very good... that'll come out this fall."

The 9 inch screen with the networking equipment should sell for under a thousand dollars. Funny, it wasn't all that long ago... when TV signals were always wireless. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.