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More New Ways To Shop Online

Techstination feature for Friday, March 26, 1999

Shopping online is starting to chisel away at stores made of brick and mortar. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. More and more of us are getting comfortable with the idea of buying things over the Internet. A study conducted by the marketing research firm Greenfield Online finds 39 percent of those with access to the net, say they go to the store or mall less often now. You won't be surprised that the top items selling online are computers and software and books. But thirty percent of web browsers are window shopping for clothes online too. One online shopping destination, Techwave, has added a unique twist, letting shoppers set up personal stores. Techwave President Dwayne Walker... .

"It allows the consumer to establish... put their name on a store, to establish whether or not they would like to have a family oriented store, computer oriented store, a store that's oriented towards bargains, and so forth. And we have a wide variety of merchandise from over a thousand different manufacturers in

You can shop in your own store, invite people you know to shop there, and you get paid five percent cash back on all of the purchases. So far, Walker says, a million people have signed up. And he says a bright future for e-commerce...

"As an example, our sales in the first quarter of this year are up dramatically over our fourth quarter, Christmas season. So, one of the things in seeing an explosive growth in Internet shopping... is that I would expect that the growth rates for all Internet commerce companies will exceed several hundred percent over the next couple years."

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