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Keeping the Spirit of Napster Alive

Techstination feature for Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Keeping the spirit of Napster alive. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. It hasn't been an easy chore for Roxio... since it purchased the original free wheeling music swapping service nearly a year ago. How to turn it... into a partner of the recording industry instead of an enemy... and not alienate users. Roxio CEO Chris Gorog says that is the goal of Napster 2.0 which goes online on the 29th of this month...

"Napster 2.0 will be the first time that music lovers are able to simply download and burn any track on our system, the largest digital music library in the world."

The service allows the sharing and emailing of playlists and has other features true to the original spirit of Napster. Previewing songs is free... but only subscribers who pay about ten dollars a month... can listen to full tracks. Downloading for subscribers and non-subscribers costs 99 cents a song or 9.99 an album. The pricing is similar to what competitors like MusicMatch and Apple have been offering. The new services are being welcomed by artists... such as Chris Bridges... better known as the rapper Ludicris...

"It's so, so critically important to me and to I know a lot of other artists just because we work so hard, creatively in the studio, to come out with music that people enjoy and I think that it's very important that people get compensated for it."

Napster hopes its name will help it to survive... .in what is becoming a crowded digital music service field.