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What's Next From Wireless Phones

Techstination feature for Wednesday, October 29, 2003

What's next for wireless phones? Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. What nearly all of us use cell phones for these days... is talk. But new phones and new networks are aimed at changing that. At AT&T Wireless, VP Mark Siegel tells us...

"Data for wireless is really just beginning here in the United States. It's a very small piece of the wireless pie right now. It's much bigger in other countries around the world, but it is going to get bigger and bigger and bigger. And the real innovation in wireless is going to come as wireless data networks provide greater speeds. And those greater speeds are going to generate more applications and creative uses of the technology than we can even imagine."

Wireless carriers are counting on new ways to use phones to generate the money it takes to build the new networks. That's why there's such a push for cell phones with built in cameras... .and music players... and the nGage phone slash hand held game player from Nokia. Siegel says these devices are just the start...

"In the next few years, you'll see truly broadband, very, very fast applications. And those are going to enable things like video on your wireless phone, interactive gaming where you could play a game in New York with someone over in London or Paris."

It's coming. AT&T part owner NTT DoCoMo is already bringing some of those capabilities to its subscribers in Japan. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.