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Graphics for Gamers... Voodoo 3

Techstination feature for Tuesday, April 20, 1999

A brand new Voodoo from 3dfx. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. We aren't talking about spells or dolls with pins here, computer game lovers have made Voodoo 3d graphics chips best sellers. With a whole new business approach, 3dfx has launched Voodoo3...

"Voodoo 3, literally, is the fastest PC accelerator on earth and it's going to deliver an entertainment experience that we think is unparalleled in this business."

CEO Greg Ballard. Even if you aren't a computer game fanatic, you'll see the on screen difference....

"We're doing to the computer what the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo have done for the consoles. The product is literally 30 times more powerful than the 64 in terms of its graphic capability. It's even 3 times more powerful than the recently announced Sega Dreamcast. So we have set a whole new benchmark for interactive entertainment."

Having acquired graphics board maker STB, 3dfx will be going head to head against companies like ATI, Matrox and Creative Labs. With many low priced computers leaving out good graphics capability, the Voodoo3 is a good choice for an upgrade. Pricing starts at about 129 dollars.

"And the most expensive, the highest version, the all-singing, all-dancing version, which we call our 3500, is going to be available for 249 dollars."

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