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Controlling Surfing Habits of Employees

Techstination feature for Wednesday, March 31, 2004

With employees surfing the net…more companies clamp down. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Lots of people have Internet access at work. Email can be a great communication tool. The Web can be great for research. But they can also open the door to lots of wasted time. Websense has become the top seller of software to let companies monitor and control online access. CEO John Carrington…

"And I think the concerns fall into multiple areas. One is always the legal liability issue. They don't want to have their employees looking at things they shouldn't, such as pornography or gambling, that may put their company at risk. Another big area for the companies of course, is the ability to manage the bandwidth. More and more the Internet's offering the employee an opportunity to spend time looking at movies, other streaming media, which really does use a lot of the bandwidth in an organization. Obviously productivity is another major area that companies are concerned with. Oftentimes they're distracted, not by their own will, but by all of the ads and other types of things that are on the Web sites. And so there's this loss of productivity time."

One prime example is the NCAA basketball tournament. The outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas has said the time spent by employees on line and off…checking scores, placing bets and such…. has cost companies one and a half billion dollars over the last month. Bloomberg Boot Camp… I'm Fred Fishkin.