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Sony's Qualia Line...Gadgets for the Upper Crust

Techstination feature for Friday, April 30, 2004

New gadgets…for the upper crust. Sony unveils the Qualia brand. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. A 30 thousand dollar home theatre projector. A 39 hundred dollar miniature digital camera. A 19 hundred dollar mini-disc player…carved from a block of pure brass. And perhaps to go with it, 28 hundred dollar custom fit headphones. Those are among the products Sony is planning to sell to those who can afford them…under the Qualia brand. Executive Vice President Ken Sugawara…is heading up the new business…

"We're launching the electronics products within the Qualia category, which is actually an effort to bring the best in Sony, in terms of our engineering, technology and craftsmanship in the shape of products to this country."

Sony's approach with this is… let's see what kinds of consumer electronics we can make…when money is no object…

"There is that portion of the population who know what they're looking for in products, who are trying to find it in the marketplace. Our effort is to try to take the best of the technology that's available, as well as the craftsmanship that we have within Sony, that runs through our tradition, and pack that in the form of products and make that available to that very top segment of the population."

Sony says it's the quality and craftsmanship that's different in the Qualia line not necessarily the typical specs. That nearly four thousand dollar tiny digital camera for instance….has a resolution of just 2.1 megapixels.