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New Digital Image Suite From Microsoft

Techstination feature for Tuesday, August 10, 2004

A new Digital Image Suite from Microsoft. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Microsoft has been competing with Adobe Systems and others in the imaging software business since 1996. Adobe has been the choice of professionals and has been giving away a starter edition of its Photoshop Album software to try to win customers. Microsoft has added some new capabilities in version 10 of its Digital Image Suite which combines a library program for organizing photos…with editing tools. Product planner Suzanne Schreck…

"We've taken the two core areas that our customers have spoken about in image editing and what we've done is we've created these two super great tool sets. One is for lighting and exposure and the other is for color and saturation. And what we mean by those tool sets is we've grouped all the tools needed to correct those problems in one, simple, easy to use interface. When you click on lighting and exposure under the touch-up menu, you have anything that you need to correct any issues that you might have with over exposure, reducing backlighting."

You can tinker with the tools manually or use autofix. A full version of one of the best programs around for sharing photos….Photo Story 2 is also included. Only a light version was included previously. It lets you create slide shows…that pan across pictures…set to whatever digital music you choose. Digital Image Suite 10 sells for about 90 dollars after a 30 dollar rebate.