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The Great Mouse Wars Continue

Techstination feature for Thursday, October 14, 2004

The great mouse wars continue. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. You may not give a lot of thought to the kind of mouse you use at home or at the office, but Logitech and Microsoft continue to innovate with design and features trying to build a better mouse...that will help them trap more customers. At Microsoft, PC hardware marketing director Matt Barlow says...

"We were a little company that brought the scroll wheel to market, optical technology to market, Bluetooth to market and new tilt wheel to market first."

Microsoft is rolling out thirteen new hardware products ranging from a combined finger print reader a small wireless optical a designer model...

"People are really looking for their mice to be more than a beige piece of plastic. They want it to be part of their personality. So we teamed up with Phillipe Starck, an internationally known designer, to develop a mouse that just looks incredible."

Logitech isn't sitting still. Marketing manager Charles Seiber says the company is out with a new mouse it calls MediaPlay....with new specialized buttons...

"We have the traditional controls which people find useful. We have volume up and down, we've got skip forward and skip backward and we've got a play/pause button and a one touch media application button. This button is configurable. You set it to whichever application you like."

Such as Windows Media Player or iTunes. The buttons on the cordless mouse are backlit....for evening digital listening. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin