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Dell to Sell Plasma TVs

Techstination feature for Friday, October 22, 2004

Dell gets into the big screen plasma TV business. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Dell is not the first computer maker to start selling plasma TVs….but it plans to make an impact….by offering a 42 inch true high definition screen for under 35 hundred dollars. Mike George is the general manager of Dell's U.S. consumer business. With all the competition….from names like Sony, Samsung and Panasonic…is the big screen TV business risky for Dell?

"We think it's a great business. We chose not to enter the plasma market over the last couple of years because the technology was a little unstable. We've now worked with our partners and believe we have a great product, great stable technology and think folks are going to be blown away by the press they see."

That's what Dell is hoping. The question is will consumers be willing to buy TVs from Dell…the way they do computers….over the Internet without seeing them first hand? At the nation's biggest consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy, CEO Brad Anderson tells me…

"Dell's one of our foremost and toughest competitors. The are an extraordinarily good company, arguably one of the world's best companies. And we believe we have a lot of enormous advantages, particularly the advantage of being able, with large volume stores, to be in most communities in America."

Best Buy is counting on consumers wanting to see screens of different sizes from a variety of manufacturers before they make a purchase. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.