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Gadgets and Gizmos Galore... CES 2005

Techstination feature for Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Gadgets and gizmos galore. The consumer electronics industry gathers in Las Vegas. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Microsoft's Bill Gates, Intel's Craig Barrett and Hewlett Packard's Carly Fiorina are just of few of the top executives speaking at and attending CES. Ross Rubin…director of industry analysis at the NPD Group….says the industry continues to focus on bringing high definition television to a broader market…with falling prices for flat screen TVs. And…

"There's a lot of interest around home networking and convergence of media. So we'll see more products that bridge the gap between the television and the PC in terms of moving video around a home network."

The popularity of Apple's iPod and other similar devices has helped many consumers make the transition to digital music. Digital cameras are everywhere. Rubin says video may be next…

"The idea is to try to take television from the single point of consumption…wherever your cable satellite box happens to be… and not only moving it to other locations such as the PC, but other televisions within the home, creating the ability to do things such as starting a TV show in one room and finish watching it upstairs in the bedroom."

We'll have much more on the stories coming out of the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show in the days to come. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin