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3Com Unveils Palm VII

Techstination feature for Monday, May 24, 1999

Email in the palm of your hand. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. If you don't own one, chances are you've seen people who do. Those little handheld computers from 3Com called Palm. The latest is the Palm VII....and the nifty new thing here is you just flip up the built in antenna on the side're connected wirelessly to 3Com's Tammy Medanich...

"What we have here is the first handheld computer that can access the Internet wirelessly. So the device has a radio embedded in it and with the device you can access Internet content via a method we call web clipping and send messages wirelessly via an application we call Imessenger."

The Palm VII, looks nearly identical to the Palm III, but the price is fatter. Just under six hundred dollars. There are some limitations here. The wireless network is designed for short messages and only let's you get information from specific web sites. That's good enough to get the weather, sports scores, stock transactions, even stock trading... and a lot more, but you can't go Palm surfing. Battery life?

"With the Palm VII, we have architected it in a way to optimize battery life, so we are seeing several weeks of battery life with this device."

Service prices start at about ten dollars a month. The first roll out is in the New York metropolitan area, but the Palm VII should be available nationwide this fall.