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Jackie Video Game Console Business

Techstination feature for Friday, February 18, 2005

Jackie Chan jumps into the video game business. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Actor Jackie Chan is licensing technology from Xavix to launch his own video game console and games….that will compete with Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation 2. The XavixPort has been winning fans by introducing virtual reality into the family room. The company's baseball game uses a bat and ball….bowling …uses a plastic ball that you virtually roll down an alley….while its tennis game uses a shortened racquet. About the partnership with Jackie Chan, Xavix Marketing director Rachel Woodland says…

"The Jackie Chan Group has become one of the first international licenses of the XavixPort system. They're forming a venture called Jackie Chan Xavix and they've introduced two products to the market…Jackie Chan Action Boxing and Jackie Chan Action Mat. What's great about these products is that they provide really intense physical fitness for the family in a fun, fun way."

Xavix is also adding to its line up with games that should broaden the appeal of the console…

"Here in the Spring of 2005 we're going to be launching Xavix Golf. The package comes with a wireless golf tee as well as a putter and a driver. It lets everybody play golf right in the middle of their own home. We're also launching Xavix Bass Fishing with a wireless rod and reel. You can actually feel the tension in the line as you hook that big fish."

One of the drawbacks to the Xavix game console has been the scarcity of games. The new titles should help. The XavixPort sells for about 80 dollars with the games costing about 50 dollars apiece. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.