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An MP3 Player That Works Underwater

Techstination feature for Tuesday, February 22, 2005

An MP3 player that works underwater. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. With so many digital music players on the market….it may be hard for manufacturers to keep their heads above water. At Oregon Scientific, they don't have to. The company has introduced the MP120 line of MP3 players. And says product manager Tim Leehane….

"This is a waterproof MP3 player. If you ever swim laps or anything it's quite boring…back and forth and back and forth…and people are always looking for something to do. And you can listen to your favorite MP3 files or you can listen to the FM radio while you're swimming." How's the reception underwater? "It's fine. It's as good as it would be out of the water in the same spot. So if you're in a metal enclosed building it might have issues, but if you're in a normal building that gets normal FM radio reception, it will be just fine."

The special designed headphones have the added benefit of keeping water out of your ears. Pricing starts at about a hundred dollars for a 128 megabyte version. And there is no slot for a memory expansion card…

"This one's not expandable. You probably could but the bottom of it is where you get into the controls and you have to screw it off to make sure the seal is really tight."

So accessing a memory card slot, he says would be too cumbersome. If you don't need waterproof…keep in mind Apple's iPod Shuffle with four times the capacity is the same price. But if you're a swimmer, the MP120 may be music to your ears. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.