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Technology in More and More Toys

Techstination feature for Thursday, February 11, 1999

You'll find technology in more and more toys. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Sure, you'll still find the red wagons and old fashioned dolls and stuffed animals at the Toy Fair in New York...the big annual event for the toy industry. But computer chips are showing up everywhere... (sound) From Furbies.... to what look like reading books from a company called Leap Frog. They use a special pen to bring a Book Wizard to life. They'll also have a teaching globe that can play games as well. Remember the old Easy Bake Oven? Hasbro has built a version that sits on a computer keyboard and interacts with software....(sound) As it has done with the popular Barney and Arthur characters....Microsoft is turning Teletubbies into interactive toys for children as young as one...(sound) With an add on transmitter, they interact with the TV show or videos. For kids a little older, there are robots, like RAD from Toymax... (sound) He picks things up, brings them back...and shoots missles at siblings or the family dog. For some quiet time ...relatively speaking...handheld games get more sophisticated all the time... some kids have gone into business selling characters they've created for Pokemonon Nintendo's Gameboy.(sound) Popular...

"Currently we're at 1.3 million games that have been sold for the U.S., that tops everything that we'd estimated."

Nintendo's Chris Magill.