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Boost Mobile Founder Getting Amp'd

Techstination feature for Monday, March 28, 2005

A new cell phone carrier with a focus on mobile entertainment. Bloomberg Boot Camp a report on today's technology. The founder of Boost Mobile…the cell phone service aimed at the youth market that was acquired by Nextel…is at it again. Peter Adderton, who left the Boost venture a year and a half ago, is starting up another new carrier called Ampd Mobile. Like Boost and Virgin Mobile…it is what's called an MVNO…a carrier that uses another company's existing network. Adderton says Ampd will offer unique content delivered over the Verizon Wireless high speed network….the same one that Verizon uses for its Vcast service. And Adderton says the service will work with uniquely designed phones…

"We've gone away and worked with two manufacturers now that we've started out with…which is Kyocera and Motorola to create handsets that are ready made for our content. We then sat down and said the user interface doesn't work. I mean the reason why iPod and these devices are successful is because it's simple and it's easy to use. When you pick up a wireless device, it's not simple and it's not easy to use. So we really wanted to simplify it and build the content more in the channel. You go to those channels, grab that content…and you don't have to go to a myriad of different places."

Adderton says when subscribers buy content for their phones…such as music or videos…it also be available to them online. While pricing for the Ampd service has not yet been set, Adderton says handsets that will operate on the high speed network will start at under a hundred dollars. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.