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Plaxo Goes Mobile

Techstination feature for Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cleaning up your digital address book. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. A company called Plaxo has signed up millions of users for a free service designed to keep contact information stored on PCs up to date. The software lets you selectively send messages to people in your address book…asking them to update their contact information…and use Plaxo as well. The free software also lets you access information you have stored in Outlook from any PC with a Web browser. The company hopes to move closer to profitability with some new services. Among them, mobile access. CEO Ben Golub…

"I think what we've heard from our members is that Plaxo is useful for getting their information up to date but then they want to have that information wherever they go. And putting it on the mobile phone is a natural next step. So that from your phone, you should be able to make two or three clicks, get information about whoever it is you want to contact, one more click connects you to them. And the same thing with your calendar. So, as opposed to having to enter in multiple things, our goal is anything that you have on your email address book or email calendar goes with you wherever you go."

It's an easy alternative to having names and numbers available when you switch cell phones. The service costs about 30 dollars a year. That includes Plaxo's address book optimizer, which eliminates duplicate entries and checks for incomplete contact information. And you also get reminders when contacts change jobs, addresses or last names. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.