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Are Cell Phone Cameras an Endangered Species?

Techstination feature for Monday, April 4, 2005

Are cell phones with built in cameras…an endangered species? Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Camera phones are still pretty popular, but the CEO of Kodak is warning that many consumers are less than happy with the quality of the images and what they can do with them. Daniel Carp says most consumers try out the camera feature in their phones…and wind up simply leaving the photo in phone's memory. No prints, no sharing and he says…not very worthwhile….

"Well, they're just not easy enough to use. And people really want to have their personal content available anytime, anywhere. Actually the cellular phenomena and cell phone cameras offer that, but they're way too hard to use today and if we don't fix it together as an industry, we're going to miss a big opportunity."

Carp says Kodak is working on adaptors that will allow cell phone to plug into its Easy Share Printer Docks. Cingular and Verizon Wireless in the meantime, have agreed to allow their subscribers to send photo messages to each other. As for why Kodak is rooting for cell phone cameras to succeed…even though that could hurt its own digital camera sales….Carp says…

"By putting phones and cameras together, everybody will have a camera all the time and they'll take a lot more pictures. If they take a lot more pictures, we will benefit as well as the industry."

But that will only happen, Carp says, if the cameras in phones get easier to use and produce better pictures. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.