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Putting That Web Cam to Use

Techstination feature for Friday, April 15, 2005

Putting that Web cam to use. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Logitech has sold 25 million Web cams around the world, but you still don't see very many people making use of them to communicate with family members and friends. The company hopes that will change with the release of MSN Messenger 7.0, which uses Logitech's video technology to improve video conferencing quality. And perhaps, more importantly, it's easier to set up. Logitech's Gina Clark…

"The video and the audio are completely synchorized, so when you're using the application, it's just like having a conversation on the phone, but you actually get video. So it's very smooth, it's very natural."

It's free, but works best if you have a high speed Internet connection and a headset plugged into your PC. Keep in mind, the video still isn't the same quality you get watching TV, for instance, but it is much improved…

"And the movements won't be jerky, you won't see pixelization like you've sometimes seen in the past. So overall the experience is going to be good. The only caveat I'll add to that is it will depend on your connection. So my advice to users is if you make a call and the performance isn't exactly what you expect, hang up and try it again."

Logitech's hope is consumers will like it enough to drive sales of its new Web cams and headsets. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.