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Easier Way to Burn CDs and DVDs

Techstination feature for Thursday, May 12, 2005

An easier way to burn CDs and DVDs. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Roxio, now part of Sonic Solutions, is out with version 7.5 of its Easy Media Creator. Some of the improvements are the result of the acquisition…with Sonic Solutions building some of its tools…for audio editing, DVD playback and back-ups into the package. VP Vito Salvaggio says the sound edition application may be the most important new feature…

"Given the extreme popularity of MP3 players and everything that consumers want to do with audio, the group of audio capabilities we've added are really a tremendous feature. The back-up application, we've integrated a full 69 dollar application."

The company is offering a 30 dollar upgrade rebate….bringing the price down to about 70 dollars. Among the other features ….are applications for editing and burning digital video, simple editing of photos…and creating slide shows with pan and zoom, music and transitions. And it will let you back up non-copy protected DVDs…

"Commercial DVDs, as you know, have what's called CSS protection. They are encrypted. Our software does not defeat that DVD protection."

The programs, as has been the case with previous versions, are simple to use…but Roxio faces competition in the space from Nero and Ulead Systems.