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Think Video Games are Too Expensive?

Techstination feature for Friday, June 3, 2005

Think video games are too expensive? There are alternatives. Bloomberg Boot Camp a report on today's technology. Lots of video game players are starting to save up for the next generation consoles that will begin to arrive later this year. And the price of some games that will play in them may rise beyond the fifty dollars or so that is common today. Cost is one reason why there's been a growing market for plug and play retro games. They are handheld controllers…with games built in….that simply plug into any TV. Technosource is one of the companies making them…and executive VP Eric Levin tells us…

"We have six plug and plays that are 9.99. We have an Intellivision collection which is 10 games for 9.99 at retail. And you know it's portable and at those price points, especially for younger children, parents can really feel that they're getting their money's worth… where making a big investment in an expensive gaming system for a younger child can be a tough decision for parents."

You won't find movie quality graphics and sound, or deep story lines. But Levin says simplicity is part of the attraction…

"There's always been a feeling that technology, video games, PC games, are complicated. And the idea of plug it and problems…put in four batteries, put it in the front of the TV and it works, is very appealing to the mass market, casual game audience."

The low prices and simplicity have allowed Technosource and others such as Jakks Pacific to sell the devices at a wide variety of retailers…from drug stores to department stores. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.