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Feeling Those Xtreme Games... Ouch!

Techstination feature for Friday, June 4, 1999

The thrill of extreme games without the agony that follows. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Call me chicken, but when it comes to riding down stair rails on a skateboard, give me the videogame over the real thing anytime. 989 Studios is out with 3Xtreme...

"And it's a combination of in-line skates, BMX bikes and skateboards. And it's the only extreme game that has those three vehicles that the players can race and compete against one another on."

989's Ed Loonam. The game is made for the Play Station...and says professional skateboarder Jesse Paez, if you use one of those dual shock controllers, you get some pretty realistic sensations...

"When you do grind the hand rail or when your jumping over steps or something like that, especially when you're griding the rails, you can feel the vibration in your board you know and it's kind of like that in the controller, you know, it vibrates."

If you want to feel the games even more you can plug your Play Station....into the latest version of the Intensor, the LX, from BSG Labs...

"It's actually a chair that has five built in speakers. Four that produce an immersive audio experience and then one that's a sub-woofer that creates tactile sensations from game actions."

BSG's Jeff deGracia. You'll feel the rumble when you tumble. The company has lowered the price on the new Intensor LX to 199 dollars.