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Battle of the Office Suites

Techstination feature for Monday, June 7, 1999

The battle of the office suites. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. So what'll it be? Powerhouse Microsoft is out with Microsoft Office 2000, while Corel has released WordPerfect Office 2000. Both have some great new features and bundles of powerful applications. Back is the days before Windows, WordPerfect was the best selling software ever. Today Corel has its hands full trying to hold onto WordPerfect users. Product manager Frank Tomei puts it this way....

"Twenty two million users is a substantial user base that we're going after. So we're really going after our customers who already understand the value of our office suite, understand the value of WordPerfect."

One of the cool new features is the real time preview, so you can see formatting changes before they're applied. The new WordPerfect will let you read and save to a Word format. And pricing is as low as 99 dollars for the standard edition. Microsoft is pricier, 209 dollars for the standard upgrade, but with 44 million users, it clearly has the upper hand. Product manager John Duncan...

"Really the key new features are the ability to more easily use the web, by just saving to a web site within any office application and then really just the ease of use that exists throughout the product through things like personalized menus and toolbars and the fact that the applications repair themselves."

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