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Taking Advantage of That Bluetooth Cell Phone

Techstination feature for Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Taking advantage of that Bluetooth cell phone. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. More and more mobile phones now include what's called Bluetooth technology. They can connect to wireless headsets….and even better and more comfortable…to Bluetooth systems being built into some cars. Pair the car and the phone together once…and you have instant hands free connections from then on. Leave the phone in your pocket…or handbag. Not too many cars have that technology yet. That's where a device called Easydrive from a company called Parrot comes in. CEO Henri Seydoux…

"One device is a very simple unit. You just plug in on the cigarette lighter and you keep your phone in your pocket. And when you enter in your car, the only thing you have to do is when the phone rings, you have a little key on the dashboard. You just press the answer button, you can then talk freely like if you talk to a person seated near to you on the car."

The Easydrive gives you a hands free Bluetooth connection…complete with voice recognition speed dialing and a phonebook that can store up to 200 numbers. Parrot also makes built in Bluetooth systems for a variety of carmakers including Toyota and Ford. Seydoux says while Bluetooth technology may have gotten off to a slow start…it is poised now to be everywhere…

"It is like the USB for the computer. The question of the technology is linked to the cost. If the cost is low, it is like a connector, they will put it in every phone. So in a few years from now, you will have Bluetooth in every phone."

And he says, it will be a part of car stereo systems as well. You can find more information at Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.