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A Gadget for Dad? Take Control

Techstination feature for Tuesday, June 8, 1999

What do you get when you cross a handheld remote control with Microsoft know how? I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. Looking for the perfect gadget for Father's Day? If Dad is a techie with remote controls all over the coffee table and under the sofa cushions... this could be it. Harman Kardon, which has been in the audio business for forty years, has teamed up with Microsoft to create the mother of all remotes, the Take Control. Harman Kardon President Tom McLoughlin...

"Take Control, by its name is you're taking control of a variety of remotes that might sit on your table, in your family listening room or in your family viewing room. You're taking control of all that."

The Take Control attaches to your computer, so you can program the big touch screen... to control up to 15 devices with 32 different activities. A couch potato's dream come true...

"But the other thing is it could be grandma's dream come true. You could program it for grandma who wants to watch a certain soap opera and you could actually title it Grandma's Television, and she could just click the button and then have control. It also has a unique feature in that it has a scroll wheel. And this was developed by Microsoft for some of their hardware products but it allows you to easily scroll up or scroll down through channels, through functions or through different selections and features on the device."

On the down side, it's pretty big for a remote. The price is big too. About 349 dollars.