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The Video Search Battle on the Web

Techstination feature for Friday, July 22, 2005

The video search battle on the Web. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. You've probably used Google, Yahoo or Microsoft's MSN search to find information on the Web. What's new are tools to find video clips online. Google is beta testing its new service. And the big guys face competition from a start-up called Blinkx. Like its rivals, the company has a desktop search function. But without having to install anything, other than the Real Player from RealNetworks, you can utilize its video search site….at Blinkx founder Suranga Chandratillake…

"The every unique thing that we're doing at Blinkx is we actually use speech recognition to automatically listen to and understand all of that video that's on the Web, we actually play back those clips to the computer. The computer listens to and can detect different accents and different vocabulary and so on…and understands what's been said and creates a transcript."

And the neat thing is…if you search for a particular phrase or subject….Blinkx will take you directly to that portion of the video. Blinkx has been forming partnerships with a variety of video content providers….including most recently The New York Times, Businessweek and Forbes…

"Today it's mainly around news and some sports content. But increasingly in the future, certainly in the discussions we're having, there's a lot of interest in allowing entertainment to be added."

You can try it for yourself at Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.