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Staples Unleashes EMTs

Techstination feature for Monday, August 15, 2005

IT help….in your home. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. As more and more households add things like wireless networks…and want to share digital photos and music on multiple PCs and their TVs….. there's growing demand for help. Best Buy has been expanding its Geek Squad….CompUSA has been beefing up its tech support services…and now Staples has jumped into the game with its Easy Mobile Tech service or EMTs for short. Director of product services Bradley White says long waits to get help …and the outsourcing of many tech support lines by computer makers and others….have created demand for alternatives…

"I think that customers want service and they want it quickly. I think there's a high level of frustration growing as technology continues to grow and expand…customers need help. We're becoming a networked society right now. And networking is not necessarily an easy thing to install or understand. So having experts who can help you with this is very beneficial to the consumer."

Staples says its EMTs already number in the hundreds….and there could be competition brewing for top notch techs. Best Buy, not long ago….announced plans to grow its Geek Squad by fifty percent….up to as many as 12 thousand staffers next year. Staples plan to compete….

"Every one of our technicians is certified. We bring the Staples brand to the customer's house. And price is absolutely the best in the industry right now."

The typical cost for the installation of a computer or a wireless network is about a hundred dollars. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.