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New Game Machines... New Add-Ons

Techstination feature for Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New game machines….new add-ons. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Sony isn't the only company betting on the success of the PlayStation Portable, or PSP. Lots of companies have been tinkering around making all kinds of add on devices for it. Nyko, for instance, a company best known for its game controllers….has created a charger case for the PSP. The case contains a built in rechargeable battery…..that can add five hours of play time or movie watching time. It sells for about sixty dollars. It's a step up from a variety of other protective cases on the market. If there's a flaw in the PSP…it's probably the weakness of the built in speakers. Several companies are out with solutions for that problem. Logitech has the most stylish solution….that cradles the PSP upright for movie watching. But for gaming…Logic3's Sound Grip…is a good choice. The company also makes a Sound System designed for movie watching on the device. Managing director Ashvin Patel…says the company focused on design…

"PSP is such an elegant product and we haven't lost the design of it. We worked around it and made our products fit like a glove and enhanced the design of it. And they're practical. Both products are practical. They do give you added features."

The Sound Grip sells for about 35 dollars…while the Sound System is priced at about 80 dollars.

You can find more information at Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.