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A Feminine Spin on Games for Cell Phones

Techstination feature for Monday, October 24, 2005

Putting a feminine spin on games for cell phones. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. More than ninety million women in the U.S. are cell phone users according to the Yankee Group….and carriers are always looking for new ways to increase what they call average revenue per user. In other words….how can they get you to spend more every month. Ring tones are big business…and a company called LimeLife is betting females are also willing to pay for games and other applications on their phones. Co-founder and CEO Kristin McDonnell….

"Right now the ring tone and wallpaper market is very large. So half of the people downloading ring tones and wallpaper to their phone are women. When we get into games, it's only about a third are women. So we know that women are interested in downloading things to their phone, but when it comes to games, something isn't quite right there with women. If we look at the Web, however, 60 percent of the people playing games on the Web are women. So we know that women have a high interest in playing games, but right now the games that are available on their phones typically are not of interest to them."

LimeLife created a game called Word Heaven being sold by Verizon Wireless….and has other deals with Cingular and Sprint…

"Coming up is Girls Night Out Solitaire. And this basically takes your familiar solitaire game, but gives it a night on the town twist."

Making solitaire…a little less solitary. You can find more information at Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.