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Sony Calls it a Digital Living System

Techstination feature for Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sony calls it…a Digital Living System. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Using the latest update to Microsoft's Media Center Edition of Windows XP, Sony has created a home entertainment PC and combined it with a 200 disc CD and DVD changer/recorder. Xavier Lauwaert is Sony's program manager for desktops and notebooks….

"Rather than your CDs and DVDs lying on a shelf, you basically have to browse through it, you don't know which DVDs you still have, which CDs you have, with here, we're putting all of that content into a changer and having that meta data download, you can basically browser, on your TV, using your remote or your wireless keyboard, your whole library in front of you. It's completely unique, nobody else is out there with this."

The PC uses Intel's latest Pentium D dual core processor, has a 200 gigabyte hard drive and includes HDMI connections for use with high definition screens. But the box does not include a high definition TV tuner…in fact media center PCs, still don't have the capability to display HD signals from cable or satellite boxes…

"That would probably be the Holy Grail that we're all looking for in the PC industry. I cannot venture when we'll have it. We would very much like to have it as soon as possible because we want to offer that complete package to the end user. That is the one Achilles heal that we have currently…the inability to record HD TV signals."

Sony's XL1 Digital Living System sells for about 23 hundred dollars…with that big optical disc changer/recorder included. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.