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Nero Jumps Into Internet Calling

Techstination feature for Monday, December 26, 2005

Yet another option for making phone calls through your PC. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. The growth of Skype….which is now a part of Ebay….hasn't gone un-noticed. Skype lets computer users make free PC to PC voice or video calls. Sony has jumped into that business with a service called IVE. And now …so has a software company called Nero….best known for its CD and DVD burning software. About the fit of Sipps Connect, President Udo Eberlein tells us….

"We consider voice over IP a logical next extension of a digital media suite. Because you're going to see clients that are evolving more as not just for phoning, but also possibly in the future, you're going to see a soft phone client that is able to buy music, that is able to play music, that is able to do other things on top of that. We think it's a nice convergence product that could be interesting in our product line in the future."

For now…Sipps Connect…includes two licenses….one for you and one to share. The 30 dollar price includes a microphone headset. You can make voice or video calls….from one computer to another. As with similar services…there are charges for calls made to regular phones. In the meantime, the company is also out with Nero 7…Ultra Edition….adding a media center type graphical user interface…

"Which is the TV experience on the PC. It's a nice media management system for your content. You can now, with your remote control on your TV, if your TV is networked, you can play back your content. You can play back your slide shows."

Nero 7 Ultra Edition sells for about a hundred dollars. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.