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Iomega & the Digital Home

Techstination feature for Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Iomega and the digital home. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Iomega, the creator of the Zip drives….which gained popularity a decade ago….is hoping the push by Intel and Microsoft to bring digital content to the family room…will revive its business. CEO Werner Heid….

"What our opportunity at the end of the day is…is actually providing what I would call the central storage backbone. That actually, you, at any given point in time, have one central place in your home, where all the digital content … whether that's pictures, whether that's movies, whether that's music…is actually centralized in one central place … is managed for you in a central place…is backed up for you in a central place…protected in a central place…and allows you accessibility wherever you are in the world."

That's the thought behind Iomega's StorCenter network hard drives. The company is also making what it calls ScreenPlay Multimedia drives. They're designed for storing music, video and photos. The neat thing is their ability to plug directly into a TV…to display content…using a wireless remote control…without the need for a PC. A sixty gigabyte model sells for about 220 dollars. Heid hopes these types of products will help to revive Iomega's fortunes. Heid says the need for storage will only grow…with next generation PCs that will allow consumers to copy high definition movies from DVDs…onto their PCs. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.