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Fujifilm Aims to Take Blur Out of Digital Photos

Techstination feature for Monday, March 6, 2006

Taking the blur out of digital pictures. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Lots of new digital cameras are hitting the market. The problem for manufacturers is explaining how their models differ from their competitors'. At Fujifilm…the focus if you will….is on new technology that allows its cameras to use faster shutter speeds…in low light. The FinePix F30…looks like many others on the market…with a 3X zoom lens and a large LCD screen replacing a viewfinder. Senior product manager David Troy …

"It's our second generation Real Photo Technology. So it gives ultra high sensitivity. They capture finer detail by virtue of reducing the amount of electronic noise or buzz like on a TV in a picture. And helps them take a cleaner image. So now they've expanded their photographic range to really be able to capture low light settings, pictures with true color, natural looking facial features . And with a battery life of 500 shots per charge, it lets you take a lot of pictures."

FujiFilm is touting the technology as being able to capture the moment as your eyes see it. The company has opted, for now at least, not to add features like built in wireless connectivity. The F30 is a six megapixel camera…that seems to be the sweet spot this year…with nearly 50 new six megapixel models announced by camera makers last month.