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Intel Battles Back

Techstination feature for Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Intel battles back. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. It may sound a little silly to say a company that has nearly an 80 share of the market for computer processors is battling back. But rival AMD has been chipping away so to speak….gaining ground in both PCs and servers. At its recent developer form….Intel showed off new processors that will arrive later this year…that senior VP Pat Gelsinger says….will put the company's technology back in the lead….

"This is the biggest micro architecture leap in our processor family in the last decade and we're going to be putting that into products…everything that we do… from mobile to those big, high end servers that we deliver."

Gelsinger….who helped Intel develop the old 386 and 486 processors…acknowledges Intel has made some mistakes….allowing rival AMD to make inroads…and…

"We were in a period where we were about to bring our next generation process technology…that 65 nanometers…as well as our next generation architecture, this core… we were in a period of transition. And that gives an opportunity. As we come and launch those products and technologies, that's when Intel is strong and this year we're doing both. A new micro architecture as well as a new process technology. This is a year Intel will shine."

Gelsinger says sales of computers may get a boost towards the end of the year….when Microsoft rolls out Vista….the next versions of Windows. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.