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Buying Prescriptions Over the Net

Techstination feature for Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Buying prescriptions over the Internet. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. There's a lot to be wary of when it comes to buying online. Especially when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Some of the biggest spammers are shady outfits trying to sell Viagra and similar drugs online. A Web site called….spelled with a K… used to fit that profile….but under new ownership, it has been licensed by the state of Utah to prescribe certain medicines over the Internet. CEO Peter Ax….an attorney with an MBA from the Wharton School…says physicians affiliated with the site…do the prescribing…and medications are sent from licensed pharmacies….

"What happens is, our software takes all the information that you input as a patient and then it runs it through certain standardized medical scales. A physician looks at all the information and decides whether or not it's appropriate for you to receive a prescription. Or does the physician need additional information in which case he may call you or he may email to you. Or he may simply on its face say you're not entitled to a prescription, we're not going to give you a prescription."

Ax claims the online interview process is often more thorough than what takes place in a doctor's office. And the site only prescribes a short list of medications…

"And right now we sell three erectile dysfunction drugs and a hair loss drug. We are in the process of trying to add cholesterol management."

The idea remains controversial, to say the least, however, in both the medical and pharmaceutical communities. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.