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Bluetooth Headsets...That are Different

Techstination feature for Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bluetooth headsets….that are, shall we say, different. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. It looks like it could be a phone….but it isn't. LG's Style-i is a 4 inch long wand like device……that LG's Jon Maron says…is a first...a remote for Bluetooth phones…

"And a lot of people say… what do you need that for? Actually it's a really cool device. It has caller ID in it. It has a keypad on the outside of it. It has a mouthpiece and an earpiece and it does have a place for a headphone jack on the top. Nice and small and lightweight. What's its key purpose? Well lots of times if you're in an office building for example and you're getting really lousy reception cause you're stuck in the middle of the office building, it doesn't matter what carrier you're on, you have that issue which a lot of people in large cities do, you can put your phone over by the window, this will work up to thirty feet a way through the wall, because it's Bluetooth."

The Style-i is being sold by Verizon Wireless for about a hundred thirty dollars. In the meantime…Kyocera has announced a line of Bluetooth sunglasses. The company's John Chier…

"They're wearable, they're comfortable. You can put prescription lenses in them if you want. Just very, very comfortable to use as an accessory." Pricing will be what? "In the neighborhood of about 199 dollars."

Motorola and Oakley have been selling the RAZRWire Bluetooth sunglasses for about a hundred dollars more. Also a little different…Kyocera is making a Bluetooth rearview mirror for cars…that mounts over existing mirrors…to act as a handsfree device. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.