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The Sopranos Versus Desperate Housewives

Techstination feature for Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Sopranos versus Desperate Housewives. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technologies. They've gone head to head on Sunday night TV….and later this year…they'll be battling in the video game marketplace. THQ will be out with The Sopranos for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2. Chief Executive Brian Farrell….acknowledges fans will be demanding…

"Well we have a great amount of respect for The Sopranos universe and for The Sopranos, like any other game that we do based on someone else's intellectual property, is to make sure that we deliver on that universe to the consumers. So when you fire up that Sopranos game, you feel like you're playing in the universe of Tony Soprano and the rest of the gang. David Chase, himself, has been involved in the story line and making sure that the voice and the script is working properly. So the concept here is to deliver The Sopranos universe to a game player."

Disney's Buena Vista games in the meantime will be delivering the Desperate Housewives to PC screens in the fall. General Manager Graham Hopper…

"It's a sim, simulation game experience. You move into Wisteria Lane and you get to be as good or as bad as you want. And that seems to be getting a lot of attention both from men and from women, so we're thrilled about that."

Hopper says both genders will be attracted to the game, perhaps for different reasons. Buena Vista opted for now, at least, to make the game only for personal computers. Fewer women play console games. You can find us at Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.