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A Weather Alert System That Knows Where You Are

Techstination feature for Monday, June 19, 2006

A weather alert system that knows where you are. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. It's a new service from AWS Convergence Technologies….owner of the WeatherBug service which delivers weather conditions and forecasts via the Internet to PCs and mobile devices. The company is partnering with Send Word Now for an alert service unlike any other. WeatherBug director of Professional Services Jan Dutton…

"It is an industry leading mobile message delivery capability that allows two way messaging. The decision making is about delivering severe weather information to users' phones and allowing them to take appropriate action based on the type of alert that is issued. One of the very interesting enhancements about the service that helps provide some precision is that where available we can use users' location based services on GPS enabled phones. For instance, if you're in New York today and you fly to San Francisco and when you arrive in San Francisco if there's a significant event going on when you land and turn on your phone, you'll get an alert that says flood warning in San Francisco."

Initially, the service is being sold at the corporate level…to utilities, schools districts and companies where weather alerts are urgent. The plan is to bring it to consumers as well. WeatherBug offers a free desktop application that provides constant weather information to PCs. A premium version without advertising costs 20 dollars a year. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.