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Email, Voicemail, Faxes... Online

Techstination feature for Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Another free messaging service on the web. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology. You've got email, voicemail and faxes. Now a new telephone and web based service lets you check on them from just about anywhere. It's called

"This is all free and basically the way it works is you go to, to the web site and you register. Registering is like registering for a free email service like a Hotmail or Yahoo Mail. And once you sign up, in addition to an email address, we give you a telephone number, a local telephone number that's unique and that's yours to use. You give that telephone number to friends and family. They can leave you voicemail and faxes by calling that number and then you can then retrieve your messages over the phone or over the web at or you can designate your existing email account to receive them automatically."

Onebox VP Julie Farris. The company plans to have local numbers covering 80 percent of the country by the end of the year. Unlike another service called, it doesn't read your email to you over the phone. But what you can do is retrieve your voicemail, faxes and email from anywhere you have access to the web....

"Your messages are wherever you are worldwide because they're being stored on the web."

You will have to put up with some advertising. Fees are planned for premium services in the future.