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Cell Carriers Boast About Their Networks

Techstination feature for Thursday, July 6, 2006

Cell phone carriers brag about their networks. Bloomberg Boot Camp, a report on today's technology. Turn on the radio or TV….and the commercials you're going to be seeing and hearing from the top three wireless carriers…may sound a bit confusing. Verizon is still touting its network…with the gang of employees standing behind customers using their phones. Cingular boasts the fewest dropped calls. And Sprint claims it has the most powerful network. CEO Gary Forsee says customers will be seeing the results from six billion dollars worth of spending on the Sprint Nextel network this year…

"We have just received a JD Power award for having the best network. We shared that with two of our other competitors. But it does say the perception of our network performance, the quality of our network based on the investments that both companies have made, has improved. And market by market, we are now advertising that Sprint's network is now the most powerful network because of the speed and the characteristic of our deployment of the network and the quality of the network that significantly has improved over time. So customers are seeing that, we are hearing that in third party surveys and that, ultimately, is one of the best tests of performance."

Sprint has formed partnerships with cable companies for new mobile TV and bundled services…

"And we'll announce shortly the seven markets that we'll be in in the second half of this year to trial a service that works across the wireless platform that we provide and across the cable platform."
Sprint CEO Gary Forsee. Bloomberg Boot Camp, I'm Fred Fishkin.